Microdermabrasion Facial

Microdermabrasion Facial 30 mins 

Microdermabrasion is an intense exfoliating treatment that uses tiny crystals to buff away the very outer layer of skin cells to reveal the fresh, new skin beneath. Microdermabrasion treatment also benefits from a vacuum action which stimulates the micro-circulation and increases blood flow to the treatment area.

There are multiple benefits to the skin meaning microdermabrasion is the perfect solution for a number of skin concerns including fine lines and wrinkles, congested skin, and dull, tired looking skin. Microdermabrasion benefits include; deep exfoliation for clean, clear skin, improve skin tone, stimulates collagen and elastin production and speeds up cell renewal.

It is also very effective for more stubborn skin concerns including acne, acne scarring and pigmentation. 

Microdermabrasion for acne sufferers is very effective, unblocking clogged pores, increasing blood flow to the area and promoting healing to remove pigmentation caused by spots.

How often you have microdermabrasion treatments will affect the results you achieve.

We recommend a course of 6-8 facials carried out at intervals of 7-10 days.

For acne and acne scarring more treatments may be required up to a maximum of 20 in a course.

Microdermabrasion aftercare is also important to achieve the best results from a course of treatments, this should be taken every 7 – 10 days and we will focus on the area specific skin concern.

Your skin will benefit from regular applications of moisturiser and use an SPF to protect the freshly exfoliated skin from the elements.  


Microdermabrasion Deluxe Facial 70 mins 

This treatment begins with a double cleanse, skin analysis , toning the skin , steam, microdermabrasion will then be used on all of the face and then we will focus on our problem areas, revealing younger, healthier, glowing looking skin, a bespoke face mask, healing and repairing cream to help protect your skin against the sun.

The ideal treatment for :

- Acne Scars

- Dry / dehydrated skin

- Rough and uneven skin

- Fine lines & wrinkles

- Aging skin & elasticity

- Blocked Pores

- Helps with lymphatic circulation, speeds up the process of removal of toxins helping to reduce any puffiness in the area