Fat dissolving injections is an innovative formula designed for aesthetic treatments to combat fatty tissue.

Fat dissolving injections causes permanent dissolution of fat accumulations (lipolysis) and is currently one of the most effective and safest alternative to surgical liposuction procedures.

Lipolysis is simply non-invasive body contouring, involving the injection of active substances that cause the dissolution of fat cells.

An intentional and controlled mild inflammation of the fat tissue is created at the injection site. “Swollen” cells rupture and the fat released from them passes into the blood, with which it goes to the liver, where it is broken down and then excreted from the body.

As a result, the excess accumulated tissue disappears and the circumference of the treatment area visibly decreases.

The effects of Fat dissolving injections treatment appear gradually over the first few weeks.

Their durability depends mainly on the lifestyle and diet used.

For permanent and optimal results, 3-5 treatments should be performed at intervals of 21-28 days.


– levelling of adipose tissue
– acceleration of fat cell metabolism
– reduction of body circumferences
– silhouette modelling


Small Area (Under chin) x1  £70
Large Area (Back rolls, bingo wings /arms, lower abdomen, upper abdomen, love handles, armpit rolls) x1 £150