Discover the Secret to Strong, Stunning Nails with BIAB

We're not your typical Nail Salon; at Ugly Duckling Beauty, we're passionate about helping our clients achieve their dream nails, and we've been able to deliver with BIAB (Builder In A Bottle).

BIAB has become a game-changer for those seeking longer, stronger, and more beautiful nails without the damage caused by traditional acrylic nail extensions. If you've been longing for healthier, natural-looking nails, BIAB is the solution you've been searching for.

What is BIAB?

BIAB, or Builder In A Bottle, is a revolutionary builder gel polish designed to promote the growth of your natural nails. By providing the strength of traditional acrylics combined with the flexibility and natural appearance of gel polish, BIAB offers a healthier alternative to harsh chemical treatments. Applied as a single layer over your natural nails, BIAB creates a strong yet flexible coating that bonds seamlessly, offering instant reinforcement and protection. It's important to note that embarking on a BIAB journey is just that—a journey. While nails don't grow instantly, with time and consistent care, everyone can achieve the nails they desire.

Benefits of BIAB

  • Strength and Durability: BIAB strengthens your natural nails, reducing the risk of breakage and splitting. Bid farewell to weak, brittle nails and embrace long-lasting durability.

  • Natural Look and Feel: Unlike bulky acrylics, BIAB provides a lightweight and flexible option, resulting in a natural appearance and comfortable feel.

  • Versatility: Whether you prefer a subtle nude manicure or bold, vibrant designs, BIAB can be customized to match your personal style. It's suitable for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events.

  • Low Maintenance: Enjoy weeks of chip-free wear with minimal upkeep, thanks to BIAB's long-lasting formula. Spend less time worrying about your nails and more time enjoying life.

Experience the BIAB Difference

Ready to experience the beauty and strength of BIAB for yourself? Book your appointment with us today and let our skilled technicians work their magic. Say hello to strong, stunning nails with BIAB at Ugly Duckling Beauty.

The Power of BIAB: Transforming Nails, Transforming Lives

Meet Sarah, one of our cherished clients, who experienced the life-changing effects of BIAB first hand. Sarah had been wearing acrylic nails for years, but she struggled with weak, brittle nails whenever she attempted to transition back to her natural nails. Frustrated by the constant breakage, she sought help from our expert technicians at Ugly Duckling Beauty.

After a thorough consultation, Sarah decided to give BIAB a try, hoping to strengthen her natural nails and promote growth. Over several months, she witnessed remarkable changes. BIAB not only provided the strength and durability she needed to break free from acrylics, but it also nurtured her own nails, allowing them to grow long and strong.

Today, Sarah proudly flaunts her natural nails, a testament to the incredible power of BIAB and the personalized care she received at Ugly Duckling Beauty. Her story is just one of many transformations we've witnessed at our salon, and we're thrilled to help you achieve your own nail goals.