Are you ready, to be smooth as a Dolphin? Waxing doesn't need to be scary, it's actually pretty relaxing, once you get into a routine and the end results are unmatched.

Here are our waxing 101, tips and tricks for beginners

Preparing for a Wax

If you're concerned about waxing being uncomfortable, you can take a pain killer, an hour or two before your waxing appointment.

We don't recommend that you get waxed coming up to your period, the week before it's due, can cause you to be a bit more sensitive, it would be best to book a week after you have finished, but of course you can be waxed if you are on your period, please let your therapist know before the start of your treatment.

You can get waxed when you're pregnant, it's more about your comfort, please contact the salon to let us know that you are pregnant, so we can allow more time for your treatment.

Please, don't shave or use hair removal cream before your treatment, hair should be 1/4 inch long, best tip is to leave it and not to trim, as we won't be able to pick the hair up if it's too short.

Gently exfoliate the area, that will be waxed the night before, you can simply make a sugar scrub, with simple kitchen ingredients, such as sugar and coconut/olive oil/rice bran oil, be sure to pat your skin dry to seal in that moisture.

On the day, please avoid using any lotions and oils.

Don't be nervous or body conscious, relax, were licensed professional, we do not double-dip any of our waxing spatulas (double-dipping means using one spatula, for all of your waxing treatments and placing it back into the waxing pot each time, this of course contaminates the wax pot)

There are so many shapes to choose from 

Bikini - Removes hair that is visible from the Bikini line

High Bikini - A bit more then a Bikini line, we take hair from the top and little bit more from the sides

Brazilian - Our most popular style, you can have it full on top, a strip or a martini shape on top, completely your choice,  but all the hair from your labia and inside your bum is removed.

Hollywood - All hair is removed from the pubic area and between the bum cheeks.

We only use Hot Wax, when it comes to intimate waxing, the reason being; less ingrown hairs, and longer regrowth periods between 4 - 6 weeks, the use of hot wax is more comfortable for the client, great for sensitive skin, helps open pores and remove dead skin cells, a match made in heaven for course hair.

If you have any more questions, please contact us, we are more than happy to help and advise.

Important: Please let us know if you are using any Retinol products i.e. Retin A, Renova etc, on your bikini line or brow area.

You won't be able to get waxed if you are currently using or have just finished using Accutane.

If you have any kind of sunburn, laser burn, pustules, or breakouts on the area that you would like to be waxed. If you are diabetic, you can be waxed, with the permission of your doctor along with a note, to say that you are suitable to be waxed.

Please ensure that your bottom or other private parts are clean, so that we can carry out the service, we always leave individually packed organic wipes before the start of your treatment so you can freshen up before any intimate waxing treatments.