Here at Ugly Duckling Beauty, we like to go above and beyond to ensure your specific needs and wants are always met.


Our organic and vegan wax treatments are designed to pamper your skin and get you as smooth as possible, with the use of Hot Wax for intimate, delicate areas or warm wax hair removal, for larger areas such as legs.


We always take pride and the extra time out on perfecting your look, when needs be, with our expertly trained therapist, who will ensure that your treatment is painless and quick.


Our UDB therapist are waxing experts, we always apply pressure to the area, to reduce pain, redness, the end result… silky smooth skin.


Ugly Duckling Beauty, set high standards with all of our treatments, and have been certified by our local council Tower Hamlets, for our hygiene practices.


You will never have to worry about infection or irritation, we have a strict no double dipping policy and use disposable spatulas, no metal spatulas or roll on cartridges.


Our aim is to ensure that you leave refreshed with the smooth hair free skin you asked for in the requested areas.


We make waxing comfortable, so that you are not scared to get in a routine. 


Benefits of Waxing

  • Waxing removes hair from the root.
  •  You’re smoother, longer
  •  Waxing eliminates the concern for nicks, cuts or razor burns often associated with shaving.
  •  Skin is exfoliated and texture improved.
  •  Less ingrown hairs.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • It’s convenient