Introducing the Ultimate Beauty Industry Success Blueprint

Embark on an exhilarating voyage into the captivating world of beauty entrepreneurship with Monique & Edward, the visionary minds behind the awe-inspiring triumph of Ugly Duckling Beauty. With an extraordinary ascent from a modest investment of a few hundred pounds, their pioneering spirit has catapulted them into the realm of a resounding six-figure empire.

Unveiling a Remarkable Journey:

For an astonishing eleven years, Monique & Edward's saga of relentless determination and innovation has been a captivating tale of transformation. From their modest origins, their unwavering dedication has been the cornerstone of their success. Their story echoes the essence of the entrepreneurial dream, where passion, hard work, and tenacity converge to shape an unparalleled odyssey.

Building Dreams, One Challenge at a Time:

Through a tapestry woven with challenges, Ugly Duckling Beauty has harnessed every obstacle as a stepping stone toward their grand vision. The journey is illuminated with invaluable lessons learned, illuminating the path for budding beauty enthusiasts eager to forge their own destiny.

Crafting the Ideal Team:

Monique & Edward's artistry extends beyond their services; it resides in their capacity to curate an extraordinary team. Discover the secrets to assembling a synergy-driven, dedicated, and harmonious ensemble that echoes the heartbeat of your brand.

The Symphony of Repeat Patronage:

Witness the enchantment of cultivating a loyal customer base through superior service and an unbreakable bond. Monique & Edward unveil the strategies that have paved the way for enduring relationships and a clientele that returns, time and again.

A Legacy of Distinction:

Ugly Duckling Beauty's luminous reputation reverberates both locally and nationally. Their trailblazing efforts have been rewarded with accolades, cementing their status as champions of their craft. Learn the art of creating an indelible legacy that transcends boundaries.

Masterclass Highlights:

  • The Alchemy of Start-up Success: Transforming a modest investment into a six-figure empire.
  • A Chronicle of Endurance: Navigating challenges and transforming them into stepping stones.
  • Unveiling the Dream Team: Strategies for building a harmonious and dedicated workforce.
  • The Elixir of Customer Devotion: Crafting a clientele that embraces your brand for a lifetime.
  • Setting the Stage for Stardom: Cultivating a reputation that resonates nationally and beyond.
  • The Blueprint for Aspiring Beauty Moguls: Monique & Edward's unparalleled insights and lessons.
  • Exclusive Q&A with the Visionaries: Unearth the pearls of wisdom from the masters themselves.
  • Industry Trends and Innovations
  • Legislations, VAT Registration and Trademarks
  • Client Communication and Consultation

Join us in this riveting Masterclass as Monique & Edward, unlock the vault of their unparalleled expertise. Elevate your aspirations, chart your course, and immerse yourself in the symphony of success that awaits in the beauty industry. Your journey to beauty entrepreneurship excellence begins here.


Dates Available:

Sunday 1st October 2023 

Sunday 5th November 2023


Workshop Cost: £495


Duration: 1 Day Course (Light Refreshments Included)


Time : 11am - 3pm


Location: Ugly Duckling Beauty, 440 Roman Road, E3 5LU


Pre-requisites: No previous experience necessary, any industry welcome to take part, not just beauty. 


Class size: 8



We need 14 days notice before the start of the workshop, for any adjustments or cancellations, anything over 14 days, your payment will not be refunded.