IBX is a revolutionary protective treatment system for use under all gel polishes. The two-part system comprised of IBX and IBX Repair, is the key to protection from soak-off damage and the solution to weak, damaged, peeling nails in only a few applications. Both IBX and IBX Repair penetrate into the nail plate and work to toughen from the inside out.


Recommended treatment schedule:

Once per weekly for:

  • Damaged and very thin nails:
  • Peeling
  • For ridged and brittle nails
  • After enhancement removal
  • Post acrylic

Every 2 weeks for :

  • Nails that are improving
  • Difficulty with nail growth
  • Heavily grooved nails

Every three weeks for: 

  • Maintenance mode to keep nails in good condition
  • Enhance polish wear
  • Beautiful nails with no polish