A radiance boosting treatment for instantly re-hydrated, plumped and smoother skin with a natural luminosity.

The results orientated facial that provides an immediate boost to skin with no downtime. Skin looks brighter, firmer and re-hydrated after just one treatment, with a natural luminosity that lasts up to 48 hours!

Your skin is gently exfoliated to unclog blocked pores and remove the top layer of dead skin cells, any residue is removed with the deeply hydrating Skin Toner. The radiance-boosting  AHA+EGF Skin Booster re-hydrates, plumps and smooths skin. This is followed by the Refresh/Tight sheet mask, a powerful anti-ageing, rejuvenating and moisturising mask, LED light therapy, lip and eye renewal, moisturiser and sunscreen.


 45 mins treatment | £65