Lava Shells Massage 55 min

An indulgent and blissful heated massage treatment that delivers a full sensory experience unlike any other. 

This deeply relaxing full body massage uses a range of sensory elements combined with the comforting heat of hygienic and non-porous Lava Shells and your therapist’s expert touch, to transport you into blissful state of wellbeing. Starting with a luxurious back massage, the shells are worked over the back, neck and shoulders to ease tension, remove knots and melt away stress. This is followed by a wonderfully tranquil full body massage that is further enhanced with the Sensory Retreats professionally blended aromatherapy wellbeing oil and a Divine Eyes self-heating eye mask for ultimate immersion of the senses. The comforting heat, blackout properties and scents of the mask will help to fully relax your mind, taking your treatment to a deeper state of tranquillity. Crystal sound healing music, a rose quartz crystal, and a refreshing herbal tea complete this heavenly journey. 


Lava Shells Back Massage 25 min

This deeply relaxing massage uses the comforting heat of Lava Shells that are worked over the back in slow deep moves to ease tension, remove knots and melt away stress. Hygienic and non-porous, Lava Shells are a wonderful results-driven way to release muscle aches and stress and the perfect choice for fitness related aches and pains.

This sublime experience is further enhanced by incorporating a Sensory Retreats professionally blended aromatherapy wellbeing oil for ultimate immersion of the senses while crystal sound healing music completes this heavenly journey. 


Head In The Clouds Massage  30 min


Float away on a cloud of calm and relaxation, helps to improve blood flow to the head and neck, relieve muscular tensions, promote deep relaxation, help relieve eyestrain, creates a feeling of balance and well-being. The use of pre-blended oils infused with botanicals ensure you receive 30 minutes of pure bliss, on your face, neck, head and shoulders.


Crystal Healing 45 min


Holistic and natural therapy that taps into the energetic power of crystals and how they can affect the body and mind. Your Crystal therapist will programme the crystals with intent and then place healing crystals on or around you, to help unblock, focus and direct energy or where the healing is required.


You will also be gifted your own crystal to take with you.



Hopi Ear Candling 30 min


Hopi Ear Candling, also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy , can help to treat many conditions of the ear, nose and throat area such as: glue ear, migraine, excessive wax, vertigo, loss of sense of smell, stress, cold and flu symptoms, sore throats, hay fever, relaxing and calming effect in cases of stress, noises in the ears, ringing, tinnitus etc.


The candles  are spiral shaped made from natural ingredients  with the magical scents of essential oils , they work on a chimney principle,  breaking down any blockages and drawing any impurities to the surface where they can be gently removed, by the heat and vacuum effect of the burning cone. They equalise the pressure in the head and ears making them suitable for most conditions.


Hopi Ear Candling With Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage 45 min


Hopi Ear Candling with the addition of 10 minute lymphatic drainage facial massage, which helps to release further toxins from the body and aid relaxation.


Leg, Foot, Soak & Massage 20 min


Revive heavy, tired, legs and feet, relax in our comfortable pedicure chair, soak your feet in our luxurious salt bath and receive a blissful foot and leg massage, a must have treat for not only your feet but your wellbeing.