Never Mind A Gym Membership! 

In our central location, award winning beauty salon Ugly Duckling Beauty stands out as a colourful hive of beauty activity.

But what really sets us apart from other salons is our offering of a beauty treatment subscription service.

The first of its kind in the United Kingdom, we promise a membership that any beauty lover would desire to get their hands on.

Imagine, discounted professional beauty treatments from only £8.25 per month.

Feel good and look great daily, not just on special occasions, we choose manicures over a gym membership any day.

We would also like to invite non-members, your welcome to book in and try a few of our professional treatments.

Ugly Duckling Beauty are a professional, fun and friendly, family run business .

Be part of London's best kept beauty secret.


Ugly Is The New Beautiful 

Here at Ugly Duckling Beauty, we want you to feel and look great, we will go above and beyond, to ensure that you have the best salon experience.

Our team of professional beauty experts are passionate about what they do.

Rest assured, you're in safe hands at every visit you have at Ugly Duckling Beauty.

Our Standards

Ugly Duckling Beauty, are very strict when it comes to cleanliness, we make sure that we carry out the highest standards of sanitization.

All of our tools are sterilized and packaged, for all clients.

We never double dip our disposable waxing spatula, clean bed towels and new gloves are used for each and every treatment for all clients.

Fresh natural water wipes are always provided so that you may freshen yourself up, before the start of your treatment.




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