Argireline Contouring Facial

Argireline Contouring Facial 90 min

This firming treatment contains Argireline, an anti-wrinkle peptide that affects the nerve-to-muscle communication so that muscles can’t adequately contract. As we know, muscle movement is what leads to expression lines and wrinkles. When we weaken the facial muscles, we prevent the muscle movement that leads to line/wrinkle formation. Fewer contractions will equal fewer wrinkles.

Argireline also promotes collagen production which is responsible for healthy, smooth skin while improving moisture levels for plump, glowing skin. Hydrated skin will always look more youthful than dry skin.

This treatment is effective at reversing signs of aging, and preventing, also helps minimise enlarged pores, brightens up dull skin.

Best results are seen after 2-3 treatments. Immediately after one treatment the skin will be hydrated and plump while noticing the stimulation of capillaries increasing blood flow and oxygenation of skin cells.

This treatment will include, double cleanse with steam, dermaplaning and enzyme peel for additional exfoliation, cold therapy, Argireline treatment, hydro jelly, tone, custom serum, moisturise.