Welcome to Ugly Duckling Beauty, where beauty is an art and every treatment is a masterpiece. Our Advanced Bespoke Facial, a 105-minute indulgence, is a personalized journey crafted exclusively for your unique skin needs. As soon as you step into our serene sanctuary, we will begin with a detailed skin consultation, carefully assessing your skin's requirements for the day.
Guided by our expertise and your preferences, we will curate the perfect combination of treatments to enhance your natural beauty.
Your bespoke experience will encompass a myriad of exquisite treatments, each thoughtfully chosen to elevate your skin to new heights of radiance. Our skilled hands will perform gentle extractions, followed by the rejuvenating face, neck and shoulder massage to relax, lift, sculpt and contour your facial features.
The soothing face, neck and shoulder massage will melt away tension, while our exfoliation and hydration techniques will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.
In harmony with the latest beauty innovations, we incorporate LED light therapy with a hydrogen bonding mask that attracts water for balancing the skin moisture level, resulting in nourishing and revitalizing your skin. If your skin requires an extra touch of rejuvenation, we may employ the Radio Frequency machine, harnessing the power of radio frequency for ultimate skin revitalization.
 105 mins treatment | £200